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A software developing management tool for Agile developers and small teams

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There is, of course, no shortage of management tools for Agile software development. But none of them seem to be targeted at developers, small teams, or first-level managers. They seem to attempt to implement in software everything in any particular Agile methodology (for example Scrum and XP). They attempt to manage across the entire organization, especially highlighting managing above the project to the program and enterprise levels and in doing so become mostly an effort tracking system where developers become resources and are simply required to enter time spent on tasks. They also attempt to track all aspects of development by integrating testing (test tasks and test results) and defect tracking. By being all things to all people, the eventual interface become useless for a developer in their day-to-day development. By trying to provide a "complete" picture of a project's status, their interfaces become a mass of "percent complete" statistics where any particular stat one is looking for is not quickly identifiable.

PrjPlanner is definitively NOT a resource management tool or a "complete" (horizontal and vertical) organizational tool. It consists entirely of one main screen, one moderately busy dialog, and three decidedly simple dialogs.

Developers are not resources; they are people. This is the first lesson from Agile; which these tools have failed to implement. For these reasons, PrjPlanner should be useful and enjoyable for developers.

This section provides links to screenshots of 4 major Agile management tool. These particular shots are the developer's interface into their respective systems. Notice how busy each is. For an in-depth analysis of each tool click here.

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